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Welcome to the website of the Australian Industrial Chemicals Introduction Scheme (AICIS). We started on 1 July 2020. Read about us.

Apply to vary the terms of an assessment certificate

If you are a holder of an assessment certificate and you can't introduce your chemical within the terms of its assessment, you must ask us to vary the terms of the assessment certificate if you want to introduce it. We will assess your application and, if we approve it, you can then lawfully introduce the chemical under the new varied terms. You must wait for the variation to come into effect before introducing your chemical.


Submit application in AICIS Business Services

Application requirements

You must provide:

  • Your AICIS Business ID
  • Application by all holders if the assessment certificate is jointly held
  • AICIS assessment certificate number
  • Agents cannot submit this form on your behalf. 
  • If some information cannot be disclosed to you as the applicant, the chemical data provider can email the confidential information to us at

You must also pay the application fee in AICIS Business Services before we can process your application.

If you are making a joint application

All applicants must submit their own form. Contact us at if you wish to make a joint application.

What you can apply to vary

You can apply to vary any of the following assessment certificate terms, but for each term you want to vary, you must tell us how you want to vary it and provide supporting information to allow an assessment of any risks associated with varying the terms.

  • defined scope of assessment
  • conditions related to introduction or use
  • specific requirements related to providing information when introducing the chemical
  • proper name for the chemical


Go to our fees and charges page.

Information you need to tell us to support your application

We need to know what’s different to our previous assessment of the chemical introduction. This includes any difference in the:

  • mode of introduction - import or manufacture
  • use and end use (this includes information on exposure to public, workers and the environment)
  • concentration of your chemical at introduction and at end use
  • annual volume of introduction
  • site of introduction or use
  • chemical identity

You can also tell us any other information you believe will support your application. When we consider your application, we must take into account any risks to human health or the environment and be satisfied they can be managed. We may also ask you for more information, and may consult with other bodies about risk management. Ultimately, if we are not satisfied that risk can be managed, we cannot vary the terms.

Protection of confidential business information (CBI)

You can apply for protection of any varied specific end use or chemical identity as CBI. You can also flag other information such as concentration, volume or purity information as CBI. You need to tell us in your application if you are doing this.

Learn more about CBI applications and flagging information as CBI

After you submit your application

We will make a decision within 70 working days, unless we:

  • need more information from you
  • receive information about hazards to human health or the environment before a decision is made, which would take significant additional time to consider
  • need to consult with a risk manager

You can track the status of your application in AICIS Business Services.

Before making a decision we will send each applicant a draft assessment statement. You can make a written submission about the draft statement. You will have at least 20 working days to do this.

We will advise you our decision on the application and provide you with the assessment statement. If you application is successful we will provide you with the varied assessment certificate.

We will also publish the assessment statement on our website.

What details we publish will depend on whether you applied for, and we granted, protection of your CBI for the variation.

Examples of what you need to tell us

1. Varying defined scope of assessment

Assessment certificate listing term

The chemical has been assessed as being imported as a finished product or for reformulation in Australia for use as a component of inkjet printing inks for commercial and public use at up to 10% concentration

How you will apply to vary this term?

I want to import the chemical in industrial and consumer coatings at up to 30% concentration

Information to support your application

I am providing details on the proposed use and the exposure to workers, the public and the environment from the new use of the chemical.

2. Varying conditions related to introduction or use

Assessment certificate listing term

End use of the chemical can only occur at the Rockhampton and Ballarat sites of Tappyco P/L

How you will request to vary this term?

I want to introduce 6 tonnes/year of the chemical, and use it at the Newcastle site of Wendoth P/L (for the same use as in the defined scope of assessment)

Information to support your application

I am providing Information on the proposed use at the Newcastle site, including details of disposal of waste and the occupational controls that will be in place.

3. Varying specific requirements on providing information when introducing the chemical

Assessment certificate listing term

Chemical imports at greater than 20 tonnes/year are to be reported to AICIS

How you will request to vary this term?

I would like this term of the assessment statement to be removed

Information to support your application

The requirement to report annual import volumes of the chemical is related to uncertainty about its effects on the environment, in particular its toxicity to terrestrial and aquatic species. I am providing new ecotoxicological studies that have just become available. The results indicate a lower than expected ecotoxicity, and will support my request to vary the term of the assessment certificate

Completing the application form

You do not need to sign this form.

To view and use fillable forms, you need:

•           Adobe Reader version 5.0 or higher []

We aim to provide documents in an accessible format. If you're having problems using a document with your accessibility tools, please contact us or help.

Step 1: Download the application form and fill out the required information.

Step 2: Make sure you save it to your hard drive as a PDF. Click File > Save and select a location for the file.

Step 3: Log into AICIS Business Services with your username and password, or create an account if you don’t have one.

Step 4: Click on the ‘Other applications’ tab, then click on ‘create a new application’. From the drop down list of applications, select 'Vary the terms of an assessment certificate'.

Step 5: Click on the ‘Invoice’ tab, then select ‘Create Invoice’. You will need to pay online before you can proceed. Further instructions on how to pay are on the site.

Step 7: Click on ‘Upload Form’ and upload your saved application and any supporting documents, if required.




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