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Search for our chemical assessments, including those previously published by the National Industrial Chemicals Notification and Assessment Scheme (NICNAS).

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Assessment search result

Assessment search results

NICNAS IMAP framework

NICNAS IMAP framework

Read about how NICNAS assessed chemicals under the IMAP framework and what the IMAP tiers of assessments mean

Targeted tier I approaches

Targeted tier I approaches

Find out the approach used by NICNAS under the IMAP framework to identify low concern polymers, low concern azo-based substances, chemicals of low concern to human health and excluded (non-industrial) use chemicals on the NICNAS Inventory.

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About assessments 

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How to search for assessments

Use the chemical’s CAS number or click ‘Search by keywords’ and enter the CAS name or other names for the chemical. Keyword search also includes assessment numbers and assessment names of public reports that were previously published by NICNAS.

About assessments

We assess industrial chemicals that are manufactured or imported into Australia. Our assessments cover the hazards and risks to human health and the environment from the importation or manufacture and use of chemicals in Australia. We also make risk management recommendations to regulators and standard setting bodies in Australian and state and territory governments.


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