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Coming soon: New inventory and assessment searches from October 2022 

Over the past few months, we’ve been testing and refining our new inventory and assessment search experiences – which you may have tried in beta – and we’re now ready to roll these out to the AICIS website.

From October, you’ll be able to get more targeted results for your chemical name searches, and make the most of new inventory features such as:

  • Table view – up to 50 results are displayed per page with each 'Inventory terms of listing' shown in columns
  • Column sorting – sort any column in ascending or descending order (one column at a time only)
  • Broader search – you can now also search other Inventory fields such as molecular formula, 'defined scope of assessment', 'conditions of introduction and use' and 'specific information requirements'
  • More targeted results - if you enter the exact name of a chemical, you will get a single result
  • 'Begins with' search – if you type in a few characters, it will find any matches beginning with those characters
  • Wildcard search – this advanced search lets you use asterisks (*) to find words that start with or end with particular characters, or contain a set of characters
  • Download inventory’ button – a quick link to download a full list of chemicals on the inventory (updated twice a year)

Our updated assessment search will offer similar features, as well as the option to sort results by each type, so you can view assessments with a health focus, an environment focus or a combination of the two.

It will also have a ‘download assessments’ button – a quick link to download a twice-yearly snapshot of our chemical assessments.

Here's a preview of what's to come

Try our new inventory search experience in beta

Try our new assessment search experience in beta



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