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Inventory restoration notice - 14 July 2022

On 8 October 2021, notice was given on the AICIS website that, on 5 October  2021, the terms of the Inventory listing for Oils, Callitris intratropica had been varied. 

At that time, the CAS name was varied from Oils, Callitris intratropica to Oils, Callitris columellaris and the CAS number was varied from 187348-13-6 to 192526-11-7. 

The Inventory listing of the chemical has now been restored to be consistent with the restored Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) number and name for Oils, Callitris intratropica.          

Previous chemical name Previous CAS number Restored chemical name Restored CAS number Listing restored on 

Oils, Callitris columellaris 

Other name:

Callitris columellaris intratropica oil

192526-11-7 Oils, Callitris intratropica     187348-13-6   13 July 2022


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