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Some regulatory changes from 23 November – see what's changed for categorisation and record-keeping obligations

Need help with your annual declaration? Our video explains more!

It's time to start thinking about annual declarations. 

Need to know more? Our animated two-and-a-half-minute video outlines the type of information you'll need to confirm your introductions were authorised under our laws – and how to quickly and easily submit the information online.

We also have a page on annual declarations for all introducers that describes the information you'll need to submit.

To submit your annual declaration, log into the AICIS Business Services portal with your user name and password. 

Click the play button to watch our video – What is an annual declaration?

Scene 1: What is an annual declaration?
Scene 2: This is a declaration you make to confirm that the industrial chemicals you imported or manufactured during the previous registration year were authorised under the Industrial Chemicals Act 2019. It's separate to registration, and not part of the introduction value or your registration level.
Scene 3: If you're registered with us and you introduced industrial chemicals or products containing industrial chemicals (like cosmetics, paints, inks and plastics) you'll need to submit an annual declaration.
Scene 4: You can submit your annual declaration from 1 August. The due date to submit it is 30 November after the end of each registration year.
Scene 5: It's easy to do. Start by signing into your AICIS Business Services account with your user name and password, and go to the Annual Declaration tile. 
Scene 6: Click 'Submit annual declaration' in the Actions column next to the applicable registration year.
Scene 7: Select all the introduction categories that apply to the chemicals you imported or manufactured during the registration year. 
Scene 8: Here's an example. If you only imported or manufactured chemicals that were categorised as listed and reported, select the boxes next to 'Listed Introductions' and 'Reported Introductions'.
Scene 9: If you don't know which box to tick, you'll need to go back and do the categorisation process for each chemical that you introduced. For help, see the categorisation guide in the 'Help and guides' section of our website. 
Scene 10: Next, check the declaration boxes to indicate that all of your introductions were authorised under our laws and the information you've given is true, correct and complete.
Scene 11: Enter your full name and job title, then click 'submit'. That's it - you're done.
Scene 12: If you need to make any changes to your submitted annual declaration, email us at: Likewise, if you didn't introduce any chemicals during the previous registration year, let us know by emailing us at the same address:
Scene 13: You can submit your annual declaration online on our business portal at:

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