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New AICIS registered businesses search (beta) available

Try our new search function for the AICIS Register of Industrial Chemical Introducers.


  • Sort results - sort the business name or AICIS registration number in ascending or descending order

  • 'Begins with' search - if you type in a few characters, it will find any matches beginning with those characters

  • Wildcard search - this advanced search lets you use asterisks (*) to find words that start with or end with particular characters, or contain a set of characters

  • More targeted results - if you enter the exact name of a business on the register, you will get a single result

Your feedback

We want to know what you think about the new registered business search. Use the 'Was this page useful?' form at the bottom of the search page to give us comments.

Go to the registered business search beta

Screenshot of the beta registered business search page









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