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New features for registered business search from 1 September

Our improved search experience will make it quicker and easier for you to find businesses registered with AICIS.

In April, we released our beta registered business search. Our beta search will become the official 'Search registered businesses' page on 1 September. The URL will change, but you won't need to do anything – you will automatically be taken to our new search page.

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New features available in registered business search from 1 September 2022

  • Sort your results by business name or AICIS registration number in ascending or descending order

  • 'Begins with' search - type in a few characters to find matches beginning with those characters

  • Wildcard search - use asterisks (*) to find words that start or end with certain characters, or contain a set of characters

  • More targeted results - if you enter the exact name of a business on the register, you will get a single result

Preview our new registered business search

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