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Our new video explains the basics of AICIS registration

We've published an animated video to help you understand the basics of AICIS registration.

The 2-minute video explains when you do – and don't – need to register your business with us, and gives a quick overview of our fees and charges.

To register or renew online, log into the AICIS Business Services portal. 

Click the play button to watch our video – What is AICIS registration?

Scene 1: What is AICIS registration? 
Scene 2: Registration helps us to keep Australia's chemical industry informed about their obligations. 
Scene 3: If you import or manufacture industrial chemicals in Australia - or products that release industrial chemicals - you'll most likely need to register your business with us. 
Scene 4: You don't need to register with us if you buy or make chemicals (or products containing chemicals) for personal use. 
Scene 5: And you don't need to register with us if you make products to sell using 100% Australian-sourced ingredients ... as long as the process you use to make the products doesn't involve a chemical reaction or create more industrial chemicals as a result. 
Scene 6: You must register BEFORE you introduce an industrial chemical in any given registration year. 
Scene 7: You register your business with us, not your products or chemicals.
Scene 8: Our registration year goes from 1 September - 31 August. If you want to continue introducing industrial chemicals into Australia, you must renew your registration by 31 August every year. 
Scene 9: Your registration cost consists of a low flat fee that all introducers pay ... plus a charge that varies according to the value of industrial chemicals you introduced in the previous financial year.
Scene 10: There are 8 registration levels. Level 1 registrants pay the fee but don't pay a charge.
Scene 11: We don't offer pro rata registration. You must pay the full charge, even if you register with us part-way through the year. Your registration starts from the day you register with us and expires on 31 August each year. 
Scene 12: You can renew and register your business online on our business portal at:

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