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Transition period ending on 31 August 2022

Have you been introducing (importing or manufacturing) a chemical under NICNAS transitional provisions? 

When AICIS started on 1 July 2020, introducers were given a 2-year transition period to comply with requirements under the Industrial Chemicals Act 2019 and related legislation.

The final day of the transition period is 31 August 2022. Stakeholders were supported to transition to AICIS through video tutorials and guidance materials published on the AICIS website since 2020. The June 2022 edition of the Industrial Chemicals Regulatory News also highlighted the end of the transition period.  The administrative arrangement currently in place for listed introductions will be extended. The transition period for NICNAS exemptions will not be extended. However, we will be consulting soon about amendments to the General Rules.

Go to our transitions page for more information

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