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Updated record-keeping checklists for exempted and reported introductions

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We recently updated some of our downloadable and printable record-keeping checklists. These checklists are designed to help introducers understand their record-keeping obligations and provide certainty about the types of records needed to remain compliant.


Key changes

  • New guidance about what records we will accept for chemical identity in circumstances where an introducer does not know the CAS number of the chemical. This includes an explanation of the very limited circumstances when an INCI name can be accepted.
  • Obligations to keep a record of the quantity of the chemical released to the environment for introductions that involve a 'designated kind of release into the environment'.
  • Obligations to have a written undertaking from the chemical supplier or manufacturer if the chemical is a 'specified class of introduction' and the introducer does not have the necessary information.
  • More information around record-keeping requirements for introduction of chemicals at the nanoscale.

Exempted introduction record-keeping checklists

Reported introduction record-keeping checklists

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