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Variation of Inventory listing following evaluation — 15 June 2021

The Executive Director is varying the terms of the Inventory listing for the following chemical.  An evaluation of the chemical reclassified it as a hazardous substance. The critical health effect of the chemical is developmental toxicity (impact on foetal development) following repeated exposure. This variation is to manage the risk to worker health. Our evaluation report published on 8 January 2021 outlines the Executive Director’s decision leading to this variation.

CAS number 30989-05-0
Chemical name

Ethanol, 2-[2-(2-methoxyethoxy)ethoxy]-, 1,1',1''-triester with boric acid (H3BO3)

Molecular formula C21H45BO12
Updated specific information requirements Obligations to provide information apply. You must tell us within 28 days if the circumstances of your importation or manufacture (introduction) are different to those in our evaluation.
  • the function or use of the chemical has changed from a component of finished brake fluid products 
  • the amount of chemical being introduced has increased, or is likely to increase, significantly 
  • the chemical has begun to be manufactured in Australia
  • information becomes available on the hazards to human health or the environment from the use of the chemical that is not identified in this report
  • information becomes available that indicates an increase in the severity of the hazards of the chemical identified in this report
  • when the chemical is introduced as a component of brake fluids, it will be handled or repackaged differently to the way described in the evaluation report such that exposure to workers and the public may be increased
Variation date 14 July 2021

The evaluation:

  • reassessed the chemical’s human health hazards.
  • reassessed risks the chemical posed to workers and the public.
  • considered a new developmental toxicity study that was not available when it was originally assessed under the Industrial Chemicals (Notification and Assessment) Act 1989 (the Act).  
  • identified a potential risk of developmental toxicity to workers associated with a change to the process as described in the report for handling or repackaging of brake fluids containing the chemical.

The Executive Director is varying the terms of the Inventory listing for the chemical in accordance with section 86 the Industrial Chemicals Act 2019 (IC Act).

If you have any questions, please contact us and use the topic ‘AICIS Evaluations’.

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