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Why businesses based overseas will want to read this page

About 1,200 businesses that have signed up to AICIS Business Services are based overseas, and another 3,000 identify as information providers.

That’s why we’ve refreshed our guidance to help foreign companies interested in selling their chemicals and products in Australia and assist businesses that supply information in AICIS applications or declarations – but don’t wish to disclose their trade secrets.

Our updated guidance for foreign companies and chemical data providers includes the following key changes:

  • A section for chemical data providers who need to provide information in someone else's AICIS application or submission

This section is for businesses that want to give us chemical identity details directly – without disclosing the information to an applicant – because the information is commercially sensitive.

  • Detailed instructions on how a data provider can create an AICIS business ID through AICIS Business Services to provide information in an AICIS application

This will help businesses asked to provide information about a chemical by a third party in their pre-introduction report, post-introduction declaration or application for an assessment certificate.

  • Detailed instructions on how a foreign business can create an AICIS business ID and register their business on AICIS Business Services

Our page walks you through the process of registering your business with us – and paying any relevant fees and charges – before you export any chemicals to Australia.

  • Information about applying for an assessment certificate as a foreign company

If you want to export a chemical to Australia that is categorised as medium to high risk, we will need to assess it first. We’ve clarified the process of applying for an assessment certificate with or without an ARBN.

Learn more: read our updated page on foreign companies and chemical data providers

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