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Search the industrial chemicals inventory

The Australian Inventory of Industrial Chemicals (Inventory) is a searchable database of around 40,000 chemicals that are being manufactured or imported (introduced) into Australia for industrial use.

Chemical search results

Download the Inventory


This downloadable version of the Inventory is provided for convenience only and is not the official version of the Inventory. AICIS regularly updates and makes changes to the Inventory that are not incorporated in this downloadable version. The downloadable Inventory:

  • is a copy of the publicly available information on the Inventory as at 1 September 2022 and may not be complete, accurate and up-to-date
  • should not be relied on for the latest information about a chemical – you must search the online Inventory to see if your chemical is listed and what any terms of its listing are
  • does not include chemicals that cannot be disclosed to the public because the terms are confidentially listed on the Inventory
  • does not include URL links to assessment and evaluation statements

CAS Registry Numbers® are the intellectual property of the American Chemical Society, and are used with the express permission of CAS. Check the AICIS copyright statement for information about using material that AICIS publishes on its website (including the online Inventory and downloadable Inventory).

You must search for each chemical if you are importing or manufacturing (introducing) a product that has more than 1 ingredient.

Search by CAS number

This is the best method. A CAS number contains digits that are divided by hyphens into 3 parts.

Make sure you don't include a blank space at the start or between your numbers and hyphens.

The CAS Registry is maintained by CAS and they also assign CAS numbers to chemicals (for a fee). They have a limited free online resource called Common Chemistry for searching CAS numbers.

Other ways to try and find your CAS number include:

  • looking at Safety Data Sheets — you'll need to contact the manufacturer or supplier
  • through an internet search
  • search online catalogues of chemical suppliers

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International chemical databases

Searching by keyword

CAS proper name

If you do not have the CAS number your next best option is to search using the CAS name for the chemical.

Common names

Some common names for chemicals are on the Inventory but are restricted to the most commonly used chemicals. Your results will most likely be a very broad list of candidate chemicals.

I've found my chemical — find out what your search results mean

I can't find my chemical — learn the reasons why and what to do next

Looking for safety, hazard or risk information?

Use our assessment search to find our assessments or evaluations on a chemical.

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