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Want to know your next step after registering with us? Read our 'Basics of importing and manufacturing chemicals' page for full details.

How we are funded

Our funding

The full cost of administering AICIS is recovered through fees and charges paid by importers and manufacturers (introducers) of industrial chemicals. This is in accordance with the Australian Government Charging Framework (the Charging Framework), which outlines the policies and principles for cost recovery and explains how it works.

Most of our revenue comes from charges for registration of introducers and fees for assessments of unlisted chemicals. We’ve prepared a table outlining our fees.

Cost Recovery Implementation Statement

An important part of the Charging Framework is a Cost Recovery Implementation Statement (CRIS) outlining:

  • how we’ve implemented cost recovery for our regulatory work
  • how we comply with the Charging Framework

  • our financial and non-financial performance related to cost recovery

  • financial forecasts for the current year and 2 forward years

Read the CRIS online

AICIS Cost Recovery Implementation Statement

Download the CRIS

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