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Some regulatory changes from 23 November – see what's changed for categorisation and record-keeping obligations

Guide to categorising your chemical importation and manufacture

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All industrial chemical importers and manufacturers must categorise their chemical introduction. This step-by-step guide takes you through the process of categorisation.


Version Description Date

Step 1: added words shown in bold text:

'...can not be categorised as an exempted or reported introduction unless it is both of the following:

  1. the industrial chemicals are to be introduced solely for use in research or analysis
  2. the total volume of the industrial chemicals you introduce in a registration year does not exceed 100 kg'

Step 2: clearer explanation of the nanoscale criteria for research and development and chemicals resulting from non-functionalised surface treatment of listed chemicals; removed 'Tylosin, (2R,3R)-2,3-dihydroxybutanedioate (1:1)' with CAS number 74610-55-2 from the comparable chemicals table and improved the instructions on how to use the table.

Step 3: clearer explanation of the nanoscale criteria for research and development.

Step 5.3: added statement to clarify that a chemical with an end use in an air freshener is not a 'designated kind or release into the environment'

23 November 2021
  • New step : 'Step 0 - Introductions that are in the listed category'
  • Added 'Who is this guide for' in 'Before you start categorising your introduction' and removed information covered in step 0.
  • Removal: 'Information you need to work out your introduction category' (covered in Step 0)
  • Clearer guidance on outcomes and next steps in step 4.1 and 5.1.
  • More information in step 4.4 including restrictions on use of animal test data.
  • More information in step 5.4 including restrictions on animal test data.
  • Replaced references to checking the General Rules with more explanatory text.
  • More information about water treatment products and designated kind of release to the environment in the context of working out your environment categorisation volume.
28 May 2021

Replaced references to Categorisation Guidelines in step 4.4 and 5.4 with the details (from the Guidelines) about hazard bands; improvements and more information in 'Before you start categorising your introduction'. Added appendices: acceptable test guidelines for categorisation and in silico predictions for categorisation.

22 December 2020
1 Original 1 July 2020

Drawing on information in the IC Act, General Rules and the Industrial Chemicals Categorisation Guidelines, this practical step-by-step guide with supporting self-guided decision tools helps you categorise your chemical introduction as listed or exempted or reported or assessed.

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