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Welcome to the website of the Australian Industrial Chemicals Introduction Scheme (AICIS). We started on 1 July 2020. Read about us.

What is a specific information requirement?

A specific information requirement means you have an obligation to tell us information about your introduction. We add this requirement after we assess a chemical as it can help us manage potential risks.

You must also tell us about any new hazard information if you're introducing a chemical we've already assessed or evaluated. You must do this within 20 working days from when you become aware of the new hazard.

This includes:

  • any new hazards that we haven't identified from the introduction or use of the chemical in our most recent assessment or evaluation statement
  • if there's an increase in the severity of a hazard we've already identified in our most recent assessment or evaluation statement

Your information will help us decide if we need to reassess a chemical. Any reassessments we do are called an 'evaluation'. There is no fee for an evaluation.

How do I report my information?

Submit your information using this online form

Can I still introduce the chemical if I've met all other listing terms/obligations?

Yes you can import or manufacture the chemical. We'll review the information you've given us and will contact you if we need further information.

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