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Want to know your next step after registering with us? Read our 'Basics of importing and manufacturing chemicals' page for full details.

What is a specific information requirement?

A specific information requirement means you have an obligation to tell us information about your introduction. The information you provide can help us determine if we need to reassess a chemical.

If your specific information requirement refers to our assessment

If you see the words 'You must tell us within 28 days if the circumstances of your importation or manufacture (introduction) are different to those in our assessment', then you can search for our assessment report on that chemical. If you find our assessment, look for the heading 'Secondary notification' to see the circumstances in which you must submit information to us.

Sometimes you won't be able to find our assessment because we cannot link the assessment to the chemical due to confidentiality reasons. 

You should submit this online form to give us information about your introduction if:

  • you can't find our assessment 
  • you're not sure whether these information obligations apply to you 
  • you found our assessment and the secondary notification obligations require you to tell us about your introduction – exception applies to polymers of low concern (see below)

Polymer of low concern (PLC)

If we assessed the chemical as a PLC, then you only need to tell us if the polymer you are introducing does not meet our PLC criteria. If your polymer meets our PLC criteria and you're already registered with us, you are not required to submit the form.

New hazard information

You must also tell us about any new hazard information if you're introducing a chemical we've already assessed or evaluated. 

This includes:

  • any new hazards that we haven't identified from the introduction or use of the chemical in our most recent assessment or evaluation statement
  • if there's an increase in the severity of a hazard we've already identified in our most recent assessment or evaluation statement

Your information will help us decide if we need to reassess a chemical. Any reassessments we do are called an 'evaluation'. There is no fee for an evaluation.

How do I report my information?

Submit your information using this online form

Can I still introduce the chemical if I've met all other listing terms/obligations?

Yes, you can (continue to) import or manufacture the chemical as a 'listed introduction' if your business is already registered with us. You don't have to wait for our response or follow up with us. We will only contact you if we have questions.

You must keep certain records and submit an annual declaration at the end of the registration year. You must keep the records for 5 years – even after you’ve stopped introducing your chemical – and provide them to us if we ask.

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