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Consumer end use

Consumer end use

Consumer end use means an end use involving making an industrial chemical available to the general public: 

  • on its own
  • in combination with one or more other industrial chemicals
  • as part of an article (other than where the industrial chemical undergoes a chemical change to produce the article). 

The following meet our definition of a consumer end use of an industrial chemical. 

  • Use of the industrial chemical in an inhabited residential building. 
  • Use that involves using the industrial chemical (either on its own or in combination with one or more other industrial chemicals) in an area that is accessible to the general public before the chemical has been rendered unavailable for human exposure. 

Example of a consumer end use  

Melbourne Residential Painters is importing paint which will be used to paint the hallways of an occupied residential strata complex. Residents will still live in the complex while the painting is done.  This means that chemicals in this paint have a ‘consumer end use’. 

Example – a consumer end use does not exist 

Glue Experts wants to import an industrial adhesive from the United States. The adhesive will only be used in factories and other industrial settings. The product will not be accessible to the general public at any time. This means that the  chemicals in this adhesive do not have a ‘consumer end use’. 


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