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Manufacture an industrial chemical

means to produce or extract an industrial chemical, including all of the following:
1.    To produce the industrial chemical in the course of a chemical reaction*.
2.    To extract the industrial chemical from a natural environment, with or without chemical change.
3.    To extract the industrial chemical from a UVCB substance.

*A chemical reaction can occur with one or more chemicals. For example a chemical reaction could be through the action of light, heat or microbes on a single chemical. It is not restricted to the chemical reaction between 2 or more chemicals.

Examples of manufacturing chemicals 

  • Making soap via saponification of fats or oils using lye (sodium hydroxide)
  • Creating essential oils using steam distillation or solvent extraction
  • Making acrylic polymers (commonly used in nail polish, paints and adhesives) through the process of polymerisation
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