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Guide to applying online for an assessment certificate

We are providing this step-by-step downloadable guide to help you prepare and submit an online certificate application through AICIS Business Services.  

Before you read this guide

Read our ‘Apply for an assessment certificate’ page for important details about who can apply, types of certificates based on your introduction’s risk and mandatory information.

In this guide

Follow this guide carefully because failures in the application process requires you to cancel and start again.

  • Information you need to get started.
  • How to pay.
  • Apply for protection of confidential business information (CBI).
  • Chemical dataset - standard functions and requirements of the IUCLID6 software and how to create reference documents.
  • Steps to create your chemical dataset including:
    • general information
    • manufacture
    • use 
    • exposure 
    • extra information for nanoscale polymers and chemicals
  • How to validate your application.
  • Declaration Step - what you need to do to declare the information is correct and declarations by applicants, agents and chemical data providers.
  • Submission.


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