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From 24 April 2024: changes to AICIS categorisation, reporting & record-keeping requirements

Learn about upcoming changes to the Industrial Chemicals (General) Rules 2019 (Rules).

Thank you to everyone who took the time last year to engage with us and provide feedback to our proposals to amend the Rules – contributing to further examination and refinement. Amended Rules will commence 24 April 2024.

Key changes to the Rules

  • Written undertakings replaced with records that will make compliance easier.
  • Greater acceptance of International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients (INCI) names for reporting and record keeping. 
  • Changes to the categorisation criteria to benefit: 
    • Local soap makers
    • Introducers of chemicals in flavour and fragrance blends
    • Introducers of hazardous chemicals where introduction and use are controlled.
  • Strengthening criteria and/or reporting requirements for health and environmental protection – for example, to prevent persistent organic pollutants (POPs) from being categorised as exempted or reported introductions.

Stakeholders generally supported the original proposals. However, some changes to the proposals were made following consideration of feedback received, including to further:  

  • simplify the record keeping requirements for listed introductions
  • expand the circumstances where INCI names can be kept/provided for reporting and record keeping
  • expand the eligibility criteria for chemicals in flavour and fragrance blends 

Proposals that benefit introducers are based on mechanisms that lower regulatory burden while maintaining regulatory protections.

View our response to the consultation feedback for further details. 

Read the amendments to the Rules (on the Federal Register of Legislation website). 

You’ll need to look at this in conjunction with the existing Rules. The compiled Rules will be available soon.

Changes to the Guidelines

Next week we’ll announce changes that will be made to the Industrial Chemicals Categorisation Guidelines (Guidelines), following our consultations on proposed changes and consideration of feedback provided. 

  • Most of the changes to the Guidelines will also take effect 24 April 2024, consistent with amended Rules commencement and as foreshadowed during consultation. 
  • Some changes will take effect in September 2024, based on feedback from industry stakeholders that certain changes could require longer preparation time by businesses.

We’ll detail the changes and when each will take effect in our announcement next week.

Temporary record-keeping provisions for NICNAS introducers of chemicals on Inventory

Record-keeping provisions for introducers that transitioned from NICNAS to AICIS will continue to be available until the end of 23 April 2024. These arrangements only apply to eligible introducers who are still importing or manufacturing chemicals that were previously on the NICNAS Inventory. See Records you can keep for listed introductions if you introduced chemicals under NICNAS. For introductions of chemicals on or after 24 April 2024, the record-keeping requirements in the amended Rules will apply.

Learn more and stay informed

We’ll update our website on 24 April to reflect all the changes to categorisation, reporting and report-keeping requirements.

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