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More guidance on waivers for certificate applications

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Expanded guidance on information waivers that you can request in an assessment certificate application

Information waivers refer to the omission of mandatory information about a chemical in a certificate application. You can request an information waiver in your application, but you must provide a valid reason or justification for not providing the information.

Our guidance covers:

  • waiver types and pre-filled justifications that are available to select in IUCLID6 relating to physical and chemical properties, environment related endpoints and human health related endpoints
  • justifications that we would consider for not submitting required information on polymers, including polymers of low concern (PLC)
  • justifications that we would consider if your reason for a waiver is not an available option in IUCLID6 (in this case you should select ‘Other justification’).

Read our guidance on information waivers in certificate applications

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