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New guidance on completing a Pre-Introduction Report: internationally-assessed for human health only

Our practical guide includes tips to help you successfully submit a Pre-Introduction Report (PIR) for ‘internationally-assessed for human health but not the environment’.

Read the new guide 

This guide:

  • has a checklist of essential information that you need before you start the PIR form
  • shows you the questions that you must answer in the PIR form in AICIS Business Services for the type ‘internationally-assessed for human health but not the environment’
  • is designed to help you avoid common errors

Who should read this guide? 

If you need to submit a PIR because you have categorised your chemical introduction and it meets the reported introduction criteria for the type 'internationally-assessed for human health but not the environment'.

In the pipeline

PIR guide for 'internationally-assessed for the environment but not human health' is coming soon.

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