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Specific information requirement forms moving to Business Services portal

From January 2023, the ‘Submit information to meet your specific information requirement’ webforms will only be available in the AICIS Business Services portal.

To submit this form, log into the portal. If you're new to AICIS Business Services, you can sign up for free. After logging in, find the 'Information Provision' tile in the bottom right corner of the interface. Click 'Specific information requirements (SIR) dashboard' then ‘Create a new specific information requirement’ button to start a new form. 

There are many benefits to using the AICIS Business Services Portal:

  • Pre-filled business details means you save time and effort
  • Save your form and track the progress as a draft
  • View a history of your submitted forms 
  • Save a copy of your submitted forms for record keeping
  • Receive a confirmation email of your submission
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