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Need to search for your chemical on the Inventory? Looking for a chemical assessment statement, an AICIS registered business or recommendation on how to manage chemical risks? Find it faster with our new beta search tool.

We’ve created a search hub for quicker access to our search options:  

  • search chemicals on the Inventory
  • search chemical assessments and evaluations
  • search guidance, content, news and notices
  • search registered businesses
  • search the risk-management recommendations register

We’d love to know what you think of the new tool.

You can let us know by answering the ‘was this page useful’ question at the bottom of the search hub page and adding any comments. If you find something you think is a bug, please let us know. That way, we can be sure to get it fixed.

You can find the new search tool in the top right-hand corner of most AICIS web pages, underneath the regular search bar. The new tool is available to try until 12 June.

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