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Use this form to tell us about introductions with a ‘specific information requirement’

Are you introducing an industrial chemical that’s listed on the Inventory with a specific information requirement?

It’s easier to meet your obligations and tell us about these chemical introductions if you use our specific information requirement (SIR) form on the AICIS Business Services portal. 

To complete and submit the SIR form, log in to AICIS Business Services with your user name and password, scroll down to the ‘Information Provision’ tile and click on ‘specific information requirements dashboard’. 

You won't need to enter any personal or business details into the form because these are already pre-filled. You can also view a history of your submitted forms.

After you submit the SIR form, you don’t need to wait for our response or follow up with us. We will only contact you if we have any questions. There is no fee to submit this form.

The information you provide helps us determine if we need to reassess a chemical.

Don’t have an account with AICIS?

Sign up for a free AICIS Business Services account where you can register your business, submit declarations and reports, pay fees, and submit and track applications.

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