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Variation to Inventory listing after evaluation: CAS No. 98-56-6

An obligation to provide specific information to AICIS will be added to the terms of listing for benzene, 1-chloro-4-(trifluoromethyl)- (CAS No. 98-56-6) on the Australian Inventory of Industrial Chemicals (Inventory). 

Reason for varying the Inventory listing

AICIS completed an evaluation under Part 4 of the Industrial Chemicals Act 2019 (IC Act). AICIS published its final evaluation statement on 29 June 2023, following public consultation. 

For the reasons set out in page 8/paragraph 6 of the evaluation statement, the Executive Director of AICIS concluded that a variation to the Inventory terms of listing of the chemical is necessary to manage the risks from the introduction of this chemical. 

View the evaluation statement:

Therefore, the Executive Director is varying the terms of listing for this chemical on the Inventory under section 86 of the IC Act.  

Details of Inventory variation
CAS number 98-56-6 
Chemical name Benzene, 1-chloro-4-(trifluoromethyl)-
Molecular formula C7H4ClF3
Specific information requirements as varied Obligations to provide information apply. You must tell the Executive Director the volume of introduction, use and end use of the chemical within 20 working days if the chemical is being introduced for consumer uses other than in:
  • shoe polishes
  • rust inhibitors
  • solvent based fabric stain remover products for cosmetic stains.
Date variation will take effect 11 August 2023


Published date
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