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Record keeping for reported introductions - low-risk flavour or fragrance blend

For introductions of low-risk flavour or fragrance blends, you’ll need to keep certain records and provide them within 20 working days if we ask for them.

Before you read this page’s content, make sure you’ve already read and understood:

  • why you must keep records
  • written undertakings as records (if you’ve relied on information held by another person – such as a supplier or manufacturer — to categorise your introduction)

Go to our record-keeping overview page for this information.

Records you must keep

The type of records you must keep for low-risk flavour or fragrance blend introductions depends on whether you know the proper name (CAS, IUPAC or INCI for plant extracts under certain criteria) for your chemical.

Use our glossary if you need to check on any terminology.

Chemical identity

  • The name of the flavour or fragrance blend that contains the chemical(s) you have introduced into Australia.
  • The names of any products containing your chemical.

Introduction, use and exposure

  • Records to prove the total volume you have introduced in a registration year of either the:
    • flavour or fragrance blend; or
    • products containing the flavour or fragrance blend

    We’ll accept shipping documents for imported products and any associated calculations.

  • Records to prove each type of product at end use that you introduce that contains the flavour or fragrance blend. (Note: an end use in a personal vaporiser isn’t authorised.) We’ll accept product labels, a list of product names and product use types (for example, shampoo), or technical information sheets.
  • Records to prove the maximum concentration of the flavour or fragrance blend in each type of product at end use. We’ll accept technical information sheets or documents from your supplier.
  • If you know the proper name – records to prove your chemical has a concentration at introduction and end use of less than or equal to 1%. We’ll accept an SDS, product labels, technical information sheets or documents from your supplier.

Other records

You will need all the following records. If you don’t know the proper name, you will need a written undertaking from the supplier or manufacturer confirming your introduction doesn’t meet the criteria for medium to high risk. They must provide the following records if we ask for them.

  • Records to prove your chemical:
    • isn’t listed in Annex III of the Rotterdam Convention or Part 1 of Annex A, B or C of the Stockholm Convention on POPs (unless it is introduced solely for use in research or analysis and the amount that you introduce in a registration year does not exceed 100kg)
    • isn’t listed on the Inventory with conditions of introduction or use that will be contravened

    We’ll accept a signed and dated declaration that these checks took place.

  • Records to prove your chemical doesn't have any:
    • human health hazard characteristics in human health hazard band C
    • environment hazard characteristics in environment hazard band D

    We’ll accept an SDS and a signed and dated declaration that the appropriate checks took place, such as checks that it’s not on the list of chemicals with high hazards for categorisation.

  • Records to prove one of the following:
    • your chemical is on the IFRA Transparency List. We’ll accept a dated record of this.
    • you provided the information specified in subsection 27(5) of the General Rules prior to introducing your chemical. This information relates to the identity of the chemical and the blend that it’s contained in, the concentration of the chemical in the blend and its hazard characteristics. We’ll accept a dated record of this.

How to print the checklist

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