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What is a condition of introduction or use?

Conditions of introduction or use are restrictions we've imposed on the importation or manufacture of a chemical -  how much (volume) you can import/manufacture (introduce) and where the chemical is permitted to be introduced or used.

You must read the condition of introduction or use and compare this with your introduction to make sure you are covered.

If your introduction meets our conditions of use

If your business is registered with us, you are authorised to import or manufacture the chemical as a listed introduction.

You must keep certain records and submit an annual declaration at the end of the registration year. You must keep the records for 5 years – even after you’ve stopped introducing your chemical – and provide them to us if we ask.

If your introduction does not meet our conditions of use

You will need to apply to vary the terms of an Inventory listing to cover your use. A fee applies. If we approve your application, we will vary the condition of introduction or use on the chemical's Inventory listing so you can introduce it.

Example - when your introduction does not meet conditions of introduction or use

Condition of introduction or use: the chemical can only be imported into Australia for a maximum of 10 tonnes per year.

You plan to import 15 tonnes of the chemical per year.

Your only option if you wish to introduce the chemical is to apply to vary the Inventory listing.

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