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Decision tool – Work out your environment exposure band

This decision tool is related to step 5.3 of the process to categorise your chemical introduction.

Note: If you wish to save your completed decision tool as a PDF, select the print option in your browser and choose ‘Save as PDF’ or ‘Microsoft Print to PDF’. For Safari users, click 'File' and 'Export to PDF'. 

Who should use this?

This decision tool will help you work out if your environment exposure band (EEB) is 1, 2, 3 or 4.

There are 1‐3 questions depending on your circumstances.

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This tool refers to the Industrial Chemicals General Rules.

What you need to know

Information about the following hazard characteristics for your chemical:

  • if your introduction involves a designated kind of release into the environment
  • your chemical's environment categorisation volume (ECV)

Question 1

Does your chemical's introduction involve a designated kind of release into the environment (refer to Subclause 3(2) of Schedule 1 of the General Rules)?

Question 2

Do you know your chemical's ECV?

Question 3

What's your chemical's ECV?

You can use Decision tool – Work out your environment categorisation volume to find your chemical's ECV.

Once you've finished, you can answer the next question.

Question 3

What's your chemical's ECV?

Your introduction's EEB is 1.

Your introduction's EEB is 2.

Your introduction's EEB is 3.

Your introduction's EEB is 4.

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