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Evaluation Selection Analysis (ESA)

The ESA is a three step process which helps us to identify candidates for evaluation:

Step 1 – High throughput selection of candidates by using hazard and exposure information to develop a risk profile. 

Step 2 – Application of weighting modifiers to determine relative risk:

  • reports of adverse events
  • international regulatory action
  • effects occur at low exposures
  • vulnerable sub-populations identified
  • potential for bioaccumulation
  • extreme persistence
  • known introduction in Australia including detection of the chemical in Australian monitoring data.
  • volume introduced
  • stakeholder need for information.

Step 3 – Determining overall priority for evaluation based on risks and available resources, data, and information:

  • our capacity and resources
  • maximising work efficiencies
  • quality and quantity of available data
  • relative risk weightings
  • initial risk profile and existing risk management controls
  • capacity of risk managers and stakeholders to respond to evaluation outcomes.


More information

About chemical evaluations

Evaluations Roadmap – our strategic approach to evaluating industrial chemicals

Rolling Action Plan – list of current and recently completed evaluations

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