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How to save our record-keeping checklists as a PDF

If you've been using the PDF version of our record-keeping checklists, please note they will not be available as a PDF link from Friday 4 November 2022. You'll still be able to print and save the same checklist as a PDF using your web browser. Instructions on how to do this have been added to each of our record keeping pages.

We have done this to ensure that all our record-keeping checklists are fully accessible and searchable on Google as well as our website. It also avoids duplication of effort in producing the checklists in two formats.

Our record-keeping pages

We corrected an error around record-keeping obligations for some reported introductions.  See the corrections and updates page for details.

Print or save any web page as a PDF using your browser

Click the print button at the top-right of any of our pages. Then select your printer or choose the 'Save as PDF' option.

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