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Now's the time to start submitting your annual declarations

It's easy to do – and you only need to submit one form.

Anyone who’s registered with us and has introduced industrial chemicals – or products containing industrial chemicals – during the 2022-23 registration year must submit an annual declaration.

This applies to all your chemical introductions, regardless of the category, the amount, or the number of chemicals.

Submitting an annual declaration is easy to do. You only need to use one form to select the introduction categories that apply to the chemicals you imported or manufactured during the 2022-23 registration year.

You don’t have to name all the chemicals you introduced, and you don’t have to provide lists of products.

Simply sign into your AICIS Business Services account and use the online form to tell us about all your introductions for the 2022-23 registration year. 

Important dates

  • Annual declarations are open and can be submitted in AICIS Business Services.
  • The due date to submit it is 30 November 2023
  • Your annual declaration covers the period 1 September 2022 to 31 August 2023.

Remember: Your annual declaration is separate to any other reporting obligations you may have for your introduction.

Need to know more?

Learn more by viewing our annual declaration page. It includes an animated video that explains the type of information you'll need – and how to submit it online.

You can also download our PDF explainer: What is an annual declaration?

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