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Annual declaration for all introducers

At the end of every registration year, you need to submit an online 'annual declaration' to confirm that your chemical introductions were authorised under the law.

Who must submit an annual declaration

Every industrial chemical importer or manufacturer (introducer) who is required to be registered must submit an annual declaration for each year that they introduce a chemical for commercial purposes. This includes those making and selling soap, importing cosmetic products for sale in Australia and those introducing small amounts of chemicals.

An agent or consultant cannot submit the annual declaration on behalf of a business.

What is an annual declaration

This is an online form that you submit once a year through AICIS Business Services. It's a declaration you make to confirm that all the industrial chemicals you imported or manufactured during the previous AICIS registration year (1 September to 31 August) were authorised under sections 25 to 30 of the Commonwealth's Industrial Chemicals Act 2019.

An annual declaration is mandatory for introducers and is separate to your registration and record-keeping obligations.

When you must submit an annual declaration

The annual declaration form is available on AICIS Business Services from around August each year. Your annual declaration is due by 30 November. Remember that your annual declaration is in addition to any other reporting obligations you may have for your introduction.

What information do I submit?

When completing the annual declaration, simply select whichever categories apply to your introductions for the registration year. You don't need to enter any data or details about your chemicals. These are:

If any of your introductions were in the exempted category, you will also need to select each type of exempted introduction: 

  • Introductions where the highest indicative risk is very low risk
  • Polymers of low concern
  • Low-concern biological polymers
  • Industrial chemicals that are solely for use in research and development
  • Manufactured soap
  • Chemicals that are imported and subsequently exported
  • Chemicals that are comparable to listed chemicals
  • Polymers that are comparable to listed polymers
  • Chemicals resulting from non-functionalised surface treatment of listed chemicals

For certain types of exempted introductions, you’ll also need to submit a once-off ‘exempted introduction declaration’. You’ll get a message about this if you select exempted introductions as part of your annual declaration – this is because the deadline to submit your declaration is also 30 November. 

What if you only imported finished packaged products?

You still have to submit an annual declaration if your goods have chemicals with an industrial use, which includes cosmetics, products used for cleaning, personal hygiene, automotive industry, construction, building, plastics and many more.

How do I submit an annual declaration?

The annual declaration form is available on AICIS Business Services from mid- to late-August each year. You need to submit your annual declaration by 30 November.

Step 1: Log on to the AICIS Business Services online portal and go to the Annual Declaration tile. 

Step 2: Click on ‘Submit annual declaration’ in the Actions column next to the relevant registration year. 

Step 3: Select all the introduction categories that apply to the chemicals you imported or manufactured during the registration year. All importers and manufacturers must follow our Categorisation Guide to work out their introduction category.


If you only imported or manufactured chemicals that were categorised as listed and reported, select the boxes next to ‘Listed Introductions’ and ‘Reported Introductions’.

Decorative image of 5 introduction categories and checkboxes

If you don't know which box to tick, you'll need to go back and categorise each chemical that you introduced. This applies to ready-made cosmetics, too. For help, see our guide to categorising your chemical importation and manufacture.

If you introduced any exempted introductions, you’ll also be prompted to indicate the types of exempted introductions, by ticking the appropriate box.

Step 4: Check the declaration boxes to indicate that:

  • all of your introductions were authorised under sections 25 to 30 of the Industrial Chemicals Act 2019.
  • the information you have given is true, correct and complete 

Step 5: Enter your name and job title. 

Step 6: Click 'submit'.

Need help with your annual declaration?

If you encounter any issues with your annual declaration, please contact us.

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