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Simpler record-keeping for listed introductions up to 10 kg

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From today, you need a simple set of records for low volume introductions of chemicals in the ‘listed’ category.


These changes only apply if the chemical is: 

  • listed on the Inventory and you meet the criteria for a listed introduction 
  • the combined volume of the chemical that you will introduce in an AICIS registration year (1 September to 31 August) is 10 kg or less 

For these types of introductions, you no longer need to obtain a written undertaking in situations where the chemical’s identity is proprietary, and you’ve relied on information from your overseas supplier or manufacturer to categorise the chemical.  

For more details of the records you’ll need to stay compliant with our scheme, see our page on record keeping for listed introductions. 

We made this change following amendments to the Industrial Chemicals (General) Rules 2019. We consulted on these changes to the General Rules. You can read a summary of stakeholder feedback and our responses

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