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Pre-introduction report - highest indicative risk is low risk

Reported category

For reported introductions only. Don't submit for listed introductions.

Nil fee

No fee to submit. You must submit before you import or manufacture the chemical.

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This guide helps you complete the pre-introduction report online form in AICIS Business Services for the type called ‘highest indicative risk is low risk and the other types do not apply’. This PIR guide draws on information in the IC Act, General Rules and the Industrial Chemicals Categorisation Guidelines to help you categorise your chemical introduction.

In this guide

Report type

Chemical identity

Related to introduction

Hazard and exposure


When you shouldn’t submit a pre-introduction report

Do not submit if:

  • you did not categorise your introduction – use our 'Guide to categorising your chemical importation and manufacture' (Categorisation Guide) to work out the introduction category and the next steps you must take
  • your introduction is categorised as listed – meaning that your chemical is already on our Inventory and your introduction meets the regulatory obligations specified in the chemical’s ‘Inventory terms of listing’ (if there are any)

When you must submit a pre-introduction report

Submit if one of the following applies:

  1. The chemical you plan to introduce is not on the Inventory and you have worked out that your introduction is in the reported category.
  2. You’re planning to introduce an Inventory-listed chemical outside the parameters of the defined scope of assessment and you have worked out that your introduction is in the reported category.

We highly recommend that you read 'before you start your pre-introduction report' before proceeding.

Record-keeping obligations

Even after you have submitted your pre-introduction report, you are legally required to keep certain records about your introduction. See 'Record-keeping obligations for reported introductions'.

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