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Apply to search for confidentially listed chemicals on the Inventory

Apply to see if your chemical is listed on the Inventory with protection of confidential business information.

Submit and track online

the application form is in AICIS Business Services and there is no fee to apply

Check if you're eligible

this form is only for limited circumstances - read below to see if it applies to you

Who can apply

Any business with a genuine intention to introduce (manufacture or import) the chemical into Australia.

You can apply if your chemical is not on the Inventory. But before you do, read our I can't find my chemical on the Inventory page, because there are situations where you don't need to apply to search for confidentially listed chemicals.

Do not submit this form if your chemicals are on the publicly searchable Inventory.

How to apply

Apply online through AICIS Business Services. New users can sign up for free. 

You can apply to search multiple chemicals in a single application.

Information you must provide

At a minimum you must provide the chemical name or a CAS number for each chemical. We strongly recommend providing a CAS number (if available). For the chemical name, we recommend the CAS name or IUPAC name.

Apply now in AICIS Business Services

After you submit your application

You can track your application and view the status of each chemical through AICIS Business Services. We’ll contact you by email if we need further information and when we’ve completed our search for each chemical. You'll be able to review the results online in AICIS Business Services.

What we'll be able to tell you

If we find that your chemical is listed with protected confidential business information (CBI), we'll let you know.

If your chemical is on the Inventory

You can introduce (import or manufacture) that chemical into Australia without telling us about it provided that:

  • your business is registered with us
  • you comply with any conditions and obligations (set out in the chemical's terms of listing)

Read more about what Inventory search results mean

If your chemical is NOT on the Inventory

You cannot import or manufacture the chemical in Australia until you categorise your introduction.

Read our categorisation guide

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