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We've updated our guidance on NICNAS to AICIS transitional arrangements.

I can't find my chemical on the Inventory

If you can't find your chemical on the Inventory, the reason is one of the following:

  • It doesn’t need to be listed because it meets our definition of a naturally occurring chemical.
  • It’s a mixture (such as an alloy or hydrate).
  • You're searching a trade name, INCI name or product name.
  • It's listed on the Inventory but the CAS name and CAS number are protected as confidential business information (CBI). You can ask us to check if your chemical is confidentially listed on the Inventory.
  • You entered an incorrect CAS number or it doesn’t match the CAS number format. For example you may have added a space between the numbers or hyphens.
  • You have entered an outdated CAS number. Sometimes CAS replaces a chemical’s CAS number with a new one, so you need to make sure that you’re using the updated CAS number.
  • The chemical is not on the Inventory because it is currently not available for industrial use in Australia unless it is authorised under one of the available introduction categories – go to Step 1 of the Categorisation Guide to work out which category applies to your introduction.

Trade names, product and INCI names

The Inventory is a database of chemicals, not products, mixtures or formulations. Therefore it does not contain product names, trade or marketing names and rarely contains INCI or common chemical names. We recommend finding a CAS number or CAS name for each chemical that you want to search.

Naturally occurring chemicals

Introductions of naturally occurring chemicals do not need to be listed on the Inventory. You can import or manufacture naturally occurring chemicals without telling us, as long as they meet our definition of 'naturally occurring'.


A mixture contains 2 or more component chemicals that don’t react. You need to search the Inventory for each component chemical that make up the mixture, not the mixture itself. You can import or manufacture the mixture as long as their component chemicals are on the Inventory and you follow the regulatory obligations.

CAS numbers

You can check if you have an up-to-date CAS number for your chemical by searching chemical databases such as ChemIDPlus and SciFinder-n.

Confidentiality and the Inventory

Sometimes we list a chemical on the Inventory and it is either not publicly searchable on our website, or we use a masked chemical name. This is because importers and manufacturers can request a confidential listing to protect their commercial interests. We apply strict criteria before we'll grant their request.

Can I ask AICIS to search for a chemical listed with confidentiality?

Yes. If you don't get a search result and you are genuinely intending to import or manufacture it in Australia, you can ask us to check whether this chemical is confidentially listed on the Inventory.

Can I use a chemical that's listed with confidentiality?

Yes. The same rules apply for these chemicals - it's is available to import or manufacture as long you can meet any relevant regulatory obligations.

Explore your introduction options if your chemical is 'new' to Australia

If your chemical is not on the Inventory, you can use our 'Categorisation Guide' to work out if your introduction meets the criteria for one of our authorised introduction categories. Regulatory treatment will vary depending on your introduction's level of risk to human health and the environment.

Take a look at our Categorisation Guide getting started page

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