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Renew your registration for 2020-21 – the cost depends on the value of industrial chemicals imported or manufactured in the previous financial year.

What your inventory search results will show

If you find your chemical on the Inventory, you can introduce it as long as your business is registered with us and your introduction is authorised under any of our 5 introduction categories.

Information that you may see on the Inventory about a chemical

Chemical identity information

  • CAS name - the proper chemical name using the Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) nomenclature
  • CAS number - the chemical's unique numerical identifier
  • Molecular formula (if available) - identifies each type of element by its chemical symbol; identifies the number of atoms of each element found in 1 discrete molecule
  • Associated chemical names (if available) - common or other names that the chemical is known by or
  • AICIS approved chemical name (AACN)

Regulatory obligations and restrictions

An Inventory listing for a chemical may also include defined scope of assessmentconditions of introduction or use or specific information requirements. You must check each obligation and restriction. 

What the Inventory won't tell you about your chemical

There's information we don't include in the Inventory. This includes:

Some chemicals on the Inventory will have an AICIS Approved Chemical Name (AACN), rather than a CAS name. An AACN is a generic or masked chemical name that we publish if we’ve approved an application to protect a chemical’s identity as confidential business information (CBI).

A description of any previous assessment of a chemical. You must check and compare with your introduction to make sure you are authorised under the terms. There's also information on what to do if you do not meet the defined scope of assessment.

Restrictions we've put on a chemical introduction. You must read the restrictions and compare this with your introduction to make sure you are authorised. There's also information on what to do if you do not meet the restrictions we've imposed.
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