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What do I need to do to introduce an internationally assessed chemical?

You will need to provide certain information in your pre-introduction report before you introduce a chemical using the international pathway.

The following table summarises the information you must provide in your pre-introduction report.

We have separate guides to help you submit a PIR for each type of internationally-assessed introduction:

If you use the international pathway for human health or the environment only, you only need to submit the appropriate data items.

Information requirementInternationally assessed for human health and the environmentInternationally assessed for human health onlyInternationally assessed for the environment only
Identity (few items)
Sc 20 declaration
Import or manufacture
Introduction volume per year 
End use✓ (if not for research and development)
Maximum concentration at introduction and end use
Known hazard classification
International assessment body (health and/or environment)
Parameters in international assessment (few items)
Date (year) of international assessment
Reference number and identity in international assessment
Provide a declaration that the report of international assessment is available, at our request
Conditions applied in international assessment, if any
How you will meet those conditions in Australia
Provide a declaration that the risk in Australia is no higher than the risk identified in the international assessment✓ (human health and environment)✓ (health)✓ (environment)
Provide a declaration regarding any hazard or increase in a hazard that was identified after the assessment✓ (human health and environment)✓ (health)✓ (environment)
Environment exposure band  
Whether there is designated release  
Environment categorisation volume (if not designated release) and how calculated  
Known environmental hazard characteristics  
Declaration regarding hazard information provision 31(a)(viii) 
Whether a specified class of introduction under 7(2) or 7(3)  
Human health exposure band, and criteria it is based on  
Polymer details (several) if high molecular weight and human health exposure band is 3  
Known human health hazard characteristics  
If introduced under item 6 of Sc24 table, declaration that requirements have been met  
Whether a specified class of introduction under 7(3) or 7(4)  
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