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Internationally assessed for human health only

This section relates to introductions that are internationally assessed for human health only. You must meet all of the criteria described in each step to be considered a 'low risk' introduction under AICIS.

Guidance on this page must be read in conjunction with Step 4.2: Introductions that can be low risk for human health in our main Categorisation Guide. Step 4.2 relates to internationally-assessed introductions for human health.

If you have not followed our main Categorisation Guide, do not go any further until you do so. 

If a trusted overseas body has assessed your introduction for human health and it meets all the other criteria in this guide related to human health, its indicative risk to human health is low. 

Your introduction must meet all of the criteria described in each step of this section.

You can also use our decision tool to work out if your introduction is low risk for human health.

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