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Step 1: Introductions that cannot be exempted or reported

Some introductions are not eligible for the exempted or reported categories.

Do not continue with this guide if your introduction is in the 'listed' category. To work out if it's a listed introduction, go to step 0.

1.1 Chemicals listed in the Rotterdam Convention or Stockholm Convention

Industrial chemicals that are listed in Annex III to the Rotterdam Convention or Part 1 of Annex A, B or C to the Stockholm Convention can not be categorised as an exempted or reported introduction unless it is both of the following:

  1. the industrial chemicals are to be introduced solely for use in research or analysis
  2. the total volume of the industrial chemicals you introduce in a registration year does not exceed 100 kg

If you wish to trade (import or export) a chemical that is listed in Annex III to the Rotterdam Convention and in Section 71 or 73 of the Industrial Chemicals (General) Rules, you must apply in writing and pay a fee. This application process is known as the prior informed consent (PIC) procedure.

If you wish to introduce a chemical that is listed in Annex III to the Rotterdam Convention or Part 1 of Annex A, B or C to the Stockholm Convention but it is not listed in Section 71 of the Industrial Chemicals (General) Rules, your introduction is in the assessed category. You must apply for an assessment before you can introduce this chemical.

1.2 Introductions of tetraethyl lead

Tetraethyl lead is a highly toxic fuel additive and examples of use include aviation gasoline or use in the production of aviation gasoline. Although it is listed on the Inventory, the importation and exportation of tetraethyl lead is subject to special conditions.

If you wish to import or export tetraethyl lead, you must contact us before you introduce this chemical.

1.3 Chemicals listed on the Inventory but you don’t meet the conditions of introduction or use

If your chemical is listed on the Inventory with a condition of introduction or use, you must ensure you can meet the conditions when you introduce the chemical.

An Inventory listing can include a condition about:

  • the total annual volume of the chemical that you can introduce
  • the location where you can introduce or use the chemical

If your introduction does not meet our conditions of introduction or use, it is not authorised under our exempted or reported categories. You will need to apply to vary the terms of the Inventory listing.

We must approve your application before you can start introducing the chemical.

If your introduction is not described on this page, go to step 2.

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