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Internationally-assessed for the environment only - report type

Guide to completing the ‘Report type’ section of the pre-introduction report for ‘internationally-assessed for the environment but not human health’ in AICIS Business Services.

Under report type select 'internationally-assessed for the environment but not human health'.

Do you know the proper name of the industrial chemical?

You, or someone else, must provide the chemical's CAS name, IUPAC name or an ‘eligible INCI plant extract name’. 

Important! Eligible INCI plant extract name

The INCI name for an industrial chemical is an eligible INCI plant extract name if:

  • the industrial chemical is a plant extract that has not intentionally undergone any chemical processes, or treatments, to change its chemical structure and
  •  the INCI name is based on a botanical name for the relevant plant.

Examples of plant extracts 

Extracts of flowers, seeds or leaves of trees, shrubs, herbs, grasses, ferns and mosses.  

Examples of changes to the chemical structure: definition not met 

Where the chemical has been intentionally:

  • hydrolysed 
  • acetylated  
  • hydrogenated. 

For the proper name, select Yes if you can provide the chemical's CAS name, or an eligible INCI plant extract name.

For the proper name, select No if someone else – such as your supplier or manufacturer – is going to provide the CAS name, IUPAC name, or an eligible INCI plant extract name. Click Business look up and enter the AICIS business ID of your chemical data provider (starting with NIC) followed by the first and last name of your chemical data provider’s contact person. We will then email the contact person and ask them to provide this information directly to us.

If you don’t know the contact person’s name or AICIS business ID details, you must contact your chemical data provider as we cannot give you this information.

The proper name must be provided to AICIS and it is the introducer's responsibility that the proper name is provided to us. 

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