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Internationally-assessed human health and the environment - chemical identity

Guide to completing the ‘Chemical identity’ section of the pre-introduction report for ‘internationally assessed for both human health and the environment’ in AICIS Business Services.

What is the proper name of the industrial chemical?

You, or someone else, must provide a CAS name, or IUPAC name or eligible INCI plant extract name for your chemical. 

The chemical identity should be available in the international assessment or evaluation you are relying on for your introduction.

Important! Eligible INCI plant extract name

The INCI name for an industrial chemical is an eligible INCI plant extract name if:

  • the industrial chemical is a plant extract that has not intentionally undergone any chemical processes, or treatments, to change its chemical structure and
  •  the INCI name is based on a botanical name for the relevant plant.

Examples of plant extracts 

Extracts of flowers, seeds or leaves of trees, shrubs, herbs, grasses, ferns and mosses.  

Examples of changes to the chemical structure: definition not met 

Where the chemical has been intentionally:

  • hydrolysed 
  • acetylated  
  • hydrogenated. 

For proper name, do not enter a trade name or marketing name for the industrial chemical.



Do you know the Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) registry number for the industrial chemical?

Select ‘Yes’ if know the CAS registry number for your chemical. You must enter a valid CAS number, either with or without the hyphens, otherwise the following error message will appear “CAS registry number must be a valid CAS Number. E.g. 12-34-0 or 12340”.

Select ‘No’ if you do not know the CAS registry number.

What is the name (or synonym) you use to refer to the industrial chemical?

Enter the names that you use to refer to the chemical.

Are you applying for protection of chemical name?

We consider internationally assessed reported introductions to potentially be of higher risk and therefore may decide to publish certain information on our website after you submit your pre-introduction report, including the proper name of the chemical you are introducing. 

If you do not want the proper chemical name to be published on our website, select 'yes and I understand that I need to apply for confidential business information in the AICIS Business Portal since the PIR is not deemed complete until I apply for CBI' in the PIR if you wish to apply.

You will need to separately apply for CBI and pay an additional fee. For more information on how to do this, see our page on applying for protection of CBI for an internationally-assessed reported introduction

If there are no concerns with publishing your chemical's proper name on our website, select 'No'. 

Learn more about what information we publish about internationally-assessed introductions.

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