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Internationally-assessed human health and the environment - declaration

Guide to completing the ‘Declaration’ section of the pre-introduction report for ‘internationally assessed for both human health and the environment’ in AICIS Business Services.

Are you flagging any other information as confidential?

If any other information in your submission (apart from chemical name and end use) is commercially sensitive, then select 'yes'. If you select 'yes' to this question, specify the information that you are flagging for protection. By selecting 'yes' you are not formally applying for confidential business information (CBI), rather you are indicating to us that you would like this information to be treated confidentially. There is no fee to flag information as confidential.

'By selecting 'yes', you’re also acknowledging that if we ever decide to publish your flagged information, we will send you a ‘section 113 notice’ and you will need to apply for CBI in AICIS Business Services (fee applies). 

*Please note: You cannot apply for CBI of the name of the international assessment body that assessed your introduction. We will always publish this on our website.

You must flag information as confidential at the same time as you give us the information in the pre-introduction report form. Flagging is invalid if you do it after you have already submitted your pre-introduction report.


Before you can submit you must declare the following:

  • The complete international assessment or evaluation report for the industrial chemical is available and you will provide it to AICIS if we ask for it.
  • The introduction of the industrial chemical is not prohibited (however described) in the overseas jurisdiction.
  • The risk to the human health and the environment from the introduction and use of the industrial chemical in Australia is no higher than in the overseas jurisdiction, as determined in accordance with the Industrial Chemicals Categorisation Guidelines.
  • None of the following information became available to you after the completion of the international assessment or evaluation: 
    • a hazard to human health or the environment from the industrial chemical that is not identified in the international assessment or evaluation
    • or an increase in the severity of a hazard to human health or the environment from the industrial chemical that is identified in the international assessment or evaluation.
  • You have had regard to such information as is known to you that demonstrates that the industrial chemical has hazard characteristics that are relevant for determining the highest indicative risk for the introduction.
  • You have had regard to the information detailed in the Industrial Chemicals Categorisation Guidelines to demonstrate the absence of certain hazard characteristics, as required for introductions where the highest indicative risk is determined (in whole or in part) on the basis of the absence of certain hazard characteristics.
  • The information you have given is true, correct and complete. Giving false or misleading information is a serious offence.


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