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Renew your registration for 2024-25! Registration is open on AICIS Business Services for the coming registration year (1 September 2024 - 31 August 2025).

Getting started: registration, importing and manufacturing

If you manufacture or import industrial chemicals – or products that contain industrial chemicals – then you must register with us.

A quick outline of what you need to do if you're planning to introduce (import or manufacture) industrial chemicals – or products that contain industrial chemicals – for commercial purposes.
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An introduction means the importation or manufacture of an industrial chemical in Australia. An importer or manufacturer of industrial chemicals is an ‘introducer’.
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Registration depends on whether you're importing or manufacturing industrial chemicals (and products that contain industrial chemicals) for personal, hobby or commercial use.
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We define an article as a finished good that is designed for a particular purpose and that does not release a chemical during use.
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You’ll need to register your business with us if your imported goods contain industrial chemicals and any tariff classifications in our table apply to the goods you’re importing.
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