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Apply for early inclusion of your certificate terms to Inventory listing (early variation)

You can apply for early variation of an Inventory listed chemical while your certificate is still in force for the same chemical.

Content early inclusion on Inventory

This application applies only to chemicals assessed after 30 June 2020.

This application can be made any time up to your certificate's end date, which is 5 years from the date of issue. 

This is optional and known as 'early variation'.

Who can apply

You can only apply if you meet the following criteria:

  • you are an assessment certificate holder
  • your certificate is still valid  – this means that the certificate is less than 5 years old
  • your chemical is already listed on the Inventory


Your company, ABC Limited, holds an assessment certificate for 'Chemical 1234', which is currently in force (less than 5 years old).

Another certificate holder for the same chemical, DEF Limited lists 'Chemical 1234' on the Inventory along with the terms of DEF Limited's certificate.

You have the option to apply to have your certificate's terms added to the Inventory early (before your certificate is due to expire).

When you can apply

You can apply any time until your certificate reaches the 5 year date.

Information requirements

You do not have to provide a CAS number/name if we approved your CBI application and your chemical has an AICIS approved chemical name. You need to provide your AACN.

Otherwise, you must provide:

  • the CAS registry number
  • CAS preferred name for your chemical
  • your chemical's specific end use

Molecular formula is optional

If your end use is CBI, you need to provide that when you apply. We will publish the generalised end use for your chemical instead of the specific end use.

How to apply 

Apply online through AICIS Business Services (login required). New users can sign up for free.

Go to AICIS Business Services to apply

Click on ‘View your certificates and Inventory listed chemicals’. Eligible certificates will show a button for 'Early variation'.

If another party is providing the chemical information

In the application form, you must provide your chemical data provider’s details for their AICIS Business Services account: 

  • Business ID number (for example, NIC12345) 
  • contact person’s first name
  • contact person’s last name

We cannot give you this information. You must contact your chemical data provider and ask them for these details. If they don’t have this information, they can get it by signing up to AICIS Business Services.

Once you’ve entered their details, verify your chemical data provider. We will then contact them and ask them to submit their information through AICIS Business Services.

We will process your application after we receive payment.

After you submit your application 

We'll let you know when we have processed your application. You’ll be able to track and view the outcome of your application in AICIS Business Services.

If your application is successful, we will add your certificate’s terms to the chemical's Inventory listing. If we granted protection of your end use as CBI, it will appear on the listing as a generalised end use. Otherwise, your specific end use will appear in the listing. 


Description Fee $(AUD) (GST does not apply)

Apply to vary a term of an Inventory listing when an assessment certificate is in force

Go to our fees and charges page.

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