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Open for public comment: proposed amendments to the General Rules – closes 17 September 2021.

What is a defined scope of assessment?

A defined scope of assessment describes the parameters of any previous assessment of a chemical, such as how the chemical is used, volume/quantity and concentration in products.

You must read the defined scope of assessment and compare this with your introduction to make sure you are covered:

  • Use - is your use of the chemical different or the same?
  • Volume you want to introduce - is your volume similar or different?
  • Concentration - is your concentration similar or different?

When your introduction is authorised

You will be authorised to introduce the chemical if your circumstance and use are within the parameters described in the defined scope of assessment. For example, you are importing the chemical at the same or lower concentration or volume that we specified.

You can now...register your business with us (if you haven't already) and introduce the chemical.

You must keep certain records and submit an annual declaration at the end of the registration year. You must keep the records for 5 years – even after you’ve stopped introducing your chemical – and provide them to us if we ask.

When your introduction is not authorised

You won't be authorised to introduce the chemical or meet our requirements under the defined scope of assessment if you:

  • are not registered with us
  • have a different use for the chemical
  • import or manufacture the chemical at a higher volume (quantity)
  • will use the chemical at a higher concentration

Example - when an introduction is not covered by a defined scope of assessment

Defined scope of assessment specifies that we originally assessed the chemical for:

  • Importation volumes of up to 10 tonnes per year
  • Use in industrial surface coatings not available for public use, including for coating pipes not intended for potable water sources

You will not meet the scope of assessment if any of these apply to your introduction:

  • Chemical will be used for an application other than in surface coatings
  • Importation volume is higher than 10 tonnes per year for use in industrial surface coatings
  • Chemical in surface coatings will also be available to the general public
  • Chemical will be used for coating pipes that are intended for potable water sources

What to do if your introduction is not authorised

Explore your other introduction options

Work out if you meet the requirements for either an exempted or reported introduction. Exempted and reported introductions are for very low or low risk chemical introductions with lighter regulatory treatment - record keeping and reporting obligations apply.

Follow our categorisation guide to work out if you can introduce in either exempted or reported categories and the regulatory obligations for each category.

If you can't introduce under the exempted or reported categories, you must ask us to vary the defined scope of assessment through an assessment.


Ask us to vary the defined scope of assessment by assessing your introduction of the chemical

You will need to apply to vary the terms of an Inventory listing. A fee applies. If we approve your application, we will vary the defined scope of assessment on the chemical's Inventory listing so you can introduce it.

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