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Step 4.2 Introductions that can be low risk for human health

If you've established your introduction is NOT medium to high risk for human health (Step 4.1), now see if your introduction CAN be low risk for human health. 


This step relates to introductions that are internationally assessed for human health. These must meet all of the following criteria to be considered ‘low indicative risk’ for human health.

Skip this step if you are not using an internationally assessed chemical.

Note: Your introduction might still be low indicative risk for human health but you will need to complete steps 4.3, 4.4 and 4.5 to work this out.

Step 4.2.1

Refer to our Guide to categorising internationally assessed introductions. It has extra information for introducers using international assessments and covers scenarios and outcomes for chemicals that are internationally assessed for:

  • human health only
  • the environment only
  • both human health and the environment

It also lists the trusted overseas bodies we accept assessments from.

The relevant section to refer to in the guide to help you complete step 4.2 is Internationally assessed for human health only.

Step 4.2.2

Once you’ve read the guide to categorising internationally assessed introductions, you'll be able to work out whether your introduction either:

  • meets our criteria for internationally assessed for human health 
  • does not meet our criteria for internationally assessed for human health

Your introduction meets our criteria for internationally assessed for human health

Option 1

  • Keep the outcome you already have — your introduction is low risk for human health; and
  • Go to step 5 to start categorising your introduction's indicative risk for the environment.

Option 2

Check to see if your introduction can be very low risk for human health by completing the rest of step 4:

Once you’ve done this, go to step 4.5 for your final answer.

Your introduction does not meet our criteria for internationally assessed for human health

Continue with step 4 to work out your introduction's risk for human health.


Once you’ve done this, go to step 4.5 for your final answer.


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