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Register for 2020-21 – fee depends on the value of industrial chemicals imported or manufactured in the last financial year (1 July - 30 June).

Apply for continued protection of confidential business information

Submit this application if you’ve received a notification that your CBI protection is due for review and you wish to renew it. We will use our statutory test when reviewing your application.


years maximum validity period


in AICIS Business Services


working days to process your application

When to use this application

  • If you’ve received a notification that your CBI protection is due for review and you wish to renew it. This happens if your chemical is due to be listed on the Inventory for the first time or is already listed on the Inventory. 
  • If you’ve received an invitation to apply for continued CBI protection following our evaluation (reassessment) of the chemical. This happens if our evaluation recommends that a review of your CBI approval is in the public interest.

Who can apply? 

Certificate holders and chemical data providers (including foreign entities).

Information you must provide 

When you apply, you’ll need to give us information to justify the continuation of CBI protection – follow this guidance and understand how we apply the statutory test when assessing applications. 

How to apply

Online in AICIS Business Services

After you submit your application 

We’ll review any change in circumstances since your original CBI application. In our review, we’ll need to check that you can still meet our statutory test

If you still meet the statutory test requirements, we’ll list (or continue to list) the chemical with protected CBI.

We’ll contact you if we need more information after we’ve processed your application. You can also track and view the outcome of your application in AICIS Business Services.


Go to our fees and charges page.

If we approve your application

We’ll publish information (or information will stay published) on the Inventory in line with the CBI we originally granted you as follows:

  • If you have protection of the chemical’s proper name — we’ll publish the AICIS Approved Chemical Name (AACN) instead of the chemical’s proper name 
  • If you have protection of the chemical’s end use — we’ll publish a ‘generalised end use’ instead of your specific use of the chemical

If we reject your application 

If we decide you no longer meet the statutory test requirements, we’ll tell you of our intention to list the chemical with its full details (full chemical identity and/or details of end use). 

If you don't agree with our decision, you may ask us to reconsider our decision. You must submit a written request to the Executive Director within 20 working days of receiving our decision.

If you do not submit a new application 

If you do not respond to our notice in the time we’ve given you, we’ll assume you do not wish to continue your CBI and we will revoke it.

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