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Become a confidence holder of approved confidential business information

For chemicals that were confidentially listed on the Inventory under NICNAS (pre-1 July 2020).


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form in AICIS Business Services

This page is about confidentially listed chemicals on our Inventory that were previously on the NICNAS confidential inventory (before 1 July 2020).

You can apply to be a 'confidence holder' for any of these chemicals. Being a confidence holder means that you have a commercial interest in keeping the identity of the chemical(s) confidential and not searchable by the public.

We will assess your application to see if it meets our statutory test. We must be satisfied that the publication of your chemical's identity on the Inventory could substantially prejudice your commercial interests.

Information you must provide

  • Your commercial interests in the Inventory-listed chemical.
  • If the application is due to a transfer of business, you must provide documentary evidence of the transfer.
  • Demonstrate how the publication of the chemical's identity would be detrimental to your business, including an estimate of the financial loss.
  • Any other information you'd like us to consider that is relevant to your commercial interests being prejudiced by us publishing the chemical’s identity.

See our statutory test page for more details

How to apply

Step 1: Download the application form and fill out the required information. To view and use fillable forms, you need Adobe Reader version 5.0 or higher. We aim to provide documents in an accessible format. Please contact us if you have issues with this form.

Step 2: Save the completed form to your hard drive as a PDF. Click File > Save and select a location for the file.

Step 3: Log into AICIS Business Services with your username and password, or create an account if you don’t have one.

Step 4: Click on the ‘Other applications’ tab, then ‘create a new application’. From the list of applications, select ‘Confidence holder of CBI for a protected Inventory listing'.

Step 5: Click ‘Upload Form’ and upload your saved application and any supporting documents, if required.

Step 6: Click ‘submit’.

After you submit your application

We may contact you if we need more information. If we approve your application, you will be authorised as a confidence holder of the Inventory-listed chemical’s identity. If your application is unsuccessful, we may publish some or all of the elements on the chemical’s Inventory listing terms.


Description Fee $(AUD) (GST does not apply)

Apply to be a confidence holder of CBI for a protected Inventory listing

Go to our fees and charges page.

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